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The new home of

The Shift Counselling Services

716 Queen Street


Welcome to the new and expanded version of

The Shift Counselling Services!

It gives me great joy and a huge sense of pride to announce the expansion and relocation of The Shift Counselling Services! I'm honored to be moving forward with this venture, surrounded by a team of gifted therapists and helpers. Our new home for The Shift is a warm and inviting space. We are looking forward to welcoming our new and existing clients.

Clint Moroz, Owner - The Shift


The Shift believes that self care and connection to mind, body, and soul, are at the center of growth, balance, and wellness. As such, we ensure that mutual respect, integrity, and authenticity are at the forefront of all interactions with individuals, communities, and organizations.


A community that is empowered by healthy shifts within processes, beliefs, perspectives, and habits, that lead to enhanced mental health and wellness.


To provide a steadfast, deliberate, heart-centered approach to mental health and wellness that is therapeutic, supportive, and compassionate.



We ensure professionalism, excellence, ethical practices, confidentiality, honesty, respect, consent, and advocacy.


We are earnestly committed to authenticity, generosity, optimism, resourcefulness, gratitude, and lightheartedness.


We believe that we are all inextricably connected and we value belonging, being present, curiosity, collaboration, creativity, diversity, and community.


We honor the unique needs, values, and beliefs of all our clients. We are devoted, with sincerity and dignity, to guided, caring, patient, loving, fun, open, and joyful growth for all.

THe Shift Origins

Clint Moroz is the sole proprietor and owner of The Shift Counselling Services. The Shift Counselling Services was started in 2015. After 20 years of classroom teaching, Clint was drawn to wanting to help others with their mental health & wellness needs. Clint’s ability to form connections with others, combined with his vast experience, knowledge base and skill set led him towards the creation of The Shift.

Clint pursues his passion for helping and supporting others because of his steadfast belief that we are all called to help one another whatever that means within each individual’s circumstances and realities.

So why… The Shift?? In his own words, here is how The Shift was named…

“It was a meeting of the minds between friends and family. I wanted a title or concept that would pay respect to numerous entities. I wanted to help others move away from suffering to wellness, from angst to peace & contentment, and from unhealthy to healthy habits.

The Shift resonated with me because of my athletic history. I wanted to have some connection to the culture of, the reality of, elite athletes and the world of athletics. We work hard and we rest. Each individual/line on a team takes a shift to do hard work. While the hard work is being done, others rest and breathe. Success comes from the balance between the work and the rest. The individual shifts that are taken make the most profound difference; they shift you closer to the change you are looking for.

I believe that we all want and need to shift within our thought processes, belief systems, perspectives, and habits, at different times in our lives. Out of this conversation came The Shift...

It's hard to shift on your own, it is really hard work, and you don't have to be alone during your shift. When people shift, they move towards the best versions of themselves. It is my honour and privilege to help others shift to where they want and need to go.”

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Our Team

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Clint Moroz


Pierre Begrand



Ryan Bilanski


Meagan Black

Stefaun Tingley


Heidi Carl

Associate &

Business Lead

Associate -

Holistic Therapy

Celeste Lemieux

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Counselling Services

Individual - One on One Counselling​ for all ages

Couples /Family/Group Counselling

Team Talk - Mental Health for Athletes

Online Video Counselling

Walk and Talk Counselling

Business Services

Let’s talk about what The Shift can do for your business or organization!

Group Presntations & Conversations

Mental Health conversations in the workplace are vital to a healthy working environment. We spend many hours a day at work and when it’s not a healthy place to be, we notice lack of motivation, high stress levels, and increased sick days. Having conversations and sharing mental health knowledge and information dramatically increases performance, motivation, and loyalty. Mental Health & Wellness Certifications and Workshops upon request.

One on One Leadership Coaching


Leadership is a purposeful journey. Learning to lead others takes purpose, energy and self-awareness. Individuals will learn about their inherent leadership and character strengths, leveraging prominent skill sets, and enhancing their level of personal self-awareness. This is a strengths based coaching relationship based on your wants and needs. Book a free consultation!

Group Leadership Coaching

This program is a holistic leadership model that is based on business and organization oriented best leadership practices, in conjunction, and with respect to mental health and wellness, they go hand in hand. This dynamic strength based leadership development program that will guide and support individuals within your business through an immersive, experiential, and interactive growth experience that will grow your bottom line!

Client Testimonials

"As an organization that has prided itself on being a safe place, has received an award for mental health workplace excellence, and is known to be an awesome place to work, I am in awe of the impact that the Mental Health Sessions have had. Clints calming and relaxed approach has made talking about mental health, personal struggles, and vulnerability safe and comforting. The way Clint communicates his knowledge is humbling, he reaches people in a way that they can understand and connect with. Clint, you are truly a helper, there is no hesitation in you when it comes to helping others, you have a kind heart and a giving soul. Your influence extends beyond what you can see and makes our world a better place. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!“

Cassaundra, BGC Saskatoon

"Serious Academy of Hockey has been involved with Clint Moroz and THE SHIFT Counselling Services. Clint exceeded our expectations with his presentations. Clint's approach, knowledge, and communication skills had our student-athletes engaged and excited to learn about the pressures that they will or have been faced with. Serious Academy of Hockey would recommend Clint for any team, group, family, or individual that is looking for clarity on today's stressors that affect us."

Randy Smith & Dave Chartier

Serious Academy of Hockey

"Our team organized a private dinner for the family of the Humboldt Bronco’s before the Benefit Concert in April 2018. As part of the evening, we had many members of the NHL Alumni meet the families at this function. It was a heart-wrenching time and concern from the Alumni was, they wanted some guidance on what to say to the grieving families. We were fortunate to have Clint volunteer his time and come speak to our group on grief and provide much-needed support for all involved. His background in sports & mental health counselling was well received and we appreciate his contributions."

​Kelly Chase - Owner

SPARK Creations & Bookings

"Pierre is a genuine, caring, intuitive, and skilled counsellor, he also genuinely cares! Throughout our sessions, I felt his level of presence and focus on me completely which made me feel at home and deeply cared for. A big thing that has really helped me personally is his level of intuition. He seems to be able to ask the right questions and notice little, but important things and that has not been my experience with other therapists. He also is always open to letting the session flow naturally or having it be more structured depending on what I’m in need of that day. I would recommend him to anyone regardless of your issues. Be prepared to go deep and find some true healing, Thank you!

Mehul Bhatia

“I really appreciated Clint’s thoughtful approach to creating a safe space for my colleagues and I to learn about mental health and self-care. Based on my own journey with mental health and self-care I understand the great value in having opportunities like these to learn new things or simply remind oneself to ‘take care’. With that being said I feel that Clint’s workshops would be beneficial for any team, organization, business, or individual invested in contributing to long-lasting positive change in their communities. Clint, your words and wisdom contributed to our team in a very meaningful way. Thank you very much for that and for keeping it ‘real’.”



The Shift Counselling services is proud to introduce new Associates to the team! Some of the new associates work evenings and weekends. If you don't see a time in the schedule that works for you, please email our associates and they will find a time that works for you.

We are looking forward to providing Direct Insurance Billing to you in the near future. At this time, however, The Shift will issue receipts that you can submit to your provider.

If you plan to receive full or partial coverage through an insurance provider please check with them first, to ensure the associate you are seeing meets the criteria outlined in your policy. Each associate holds specific credentials. Some insurance providers may require that you receive a doctor’s referral prior to your session.

NIHB Providers

The Shift Counselling Services has two NIHB Providers - Meagan Black and Stefaun Tingley

Process for booking sessions: All NIHB clients require prior approval from Indigenous Services Canada for NIHB sessions. This phone call will be to collect the information needed for NIHB approval. Please schedule a 15-minute NIHB Client Call

Our Associate will contact the NIHB client to inform them if they are eligible for NIHB coverage.

If the client is approved, they will book an NIHB Individual Session, in person or online.

Indigenous Services Canada's (ISC) Non-Insured Health Benefits program is a national program that provides eligible First Nations and Inuit clients, residing in Canada, with coverage for a range of medically necessary health benefits when these benefits are not otherwise covered through private or provincial or territorial health insurance plans or social programs.

The mental health counselling benefit is based on supporting a planned and scheduled therapeutic approach to mental health intervention and operates as part of a continuum of mental wellness programs provided by Indigenous Services Canada, which complement other mental wellness services that are provided in/by communities, and by/through provinces and territories.

To be eligible, a client must be a resident of Canada, and one of the following:

For more information: Guide to mental health counselling benefits for First Nations and Inuit (sac-isc.gc.ca)

The Shift Counselling Services

Partnerships & Connections

City of Saskatoon

Employee & Family Assistance Program

BGC Saskatoon

Rosewater Connection

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Rosewater Connection Mental Health podcast

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ADDRESS: 716 Queen Street

Saskatoon, SK S7K 0M9

EMAIL: theshiftoffice@gmail.com

Please refer to Associate Bio's for their direct contact information.

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Clint Moroz (he/him)


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About Clint

Credentials: B. Ed., Spec. Ed., M.C., CCC Clint is a registered Psychotherapist & Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

Clint believes that we all want and need to shift within our thought processes, belief systems, perspectives, and habits, at different times in our lives. "It's hard to shift on your own, it is really hard work, and you don't have to be alone during your shift. When people shift, they move towards the best versions of themselves. It is my honour and privilege to help others shift to where they want and need to go."

Clint spent 20 years as a classroom teacher within Saskatoon, before transitioning into the counselling and psychotherapy role. He brings forth and shares his background in; high-level, elite athletics (U of S Huskie Hockey Alumnus), experience as a teacher and Special Education, instructor training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, and parent of two sons, to help support individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, businesses, and sports teams, in the areas of mental health and wellness. Some areas that Clint supports others with, include – Anxiety, Mood (depression, anger), Grief and Loss, Trauma, Separation and Divorce, School-Based, Family Dynamics, Sport Psychology and Performance.

Clint is pleased to offer any of his services via numerous ways and platforms, including – face-to-face at his Saskatoon office, walk and talk sessions along Saskatoon’s river valley, online video sessions, phone calls, and house calls as well.

Clint provides a high level of professionalism, experience, knowledge, compassion, and empathy for all who have the opportunity to connect with him. He provides a confidential, safe, collaborative and client-centred experience for all. Clint’s approach to working with others is based on the positive psychology model which is solution-focused and strength-based.

Favourite Musician and Song: Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. "This is the first song I learned to play on the guitar and perform in public. It will always have a special place in my heart for this classic tune!"

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Pierre Begrand (he/him)


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About Pierre


· RPC - Registered Professional Counsellor #4381 with the “Canadian Professional Counselling Association” (CPCA)

· CIEH - Certified International Energy Healer · LSC - Professional Life Skills Coach

· RYT - 235-Hour Certified Registered Yoga Teacher

““We are all just walking each other Home” by Ram Dass

Welcome, My name is Pierre Begrand, and I am a Trauma-Informed Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified International Energy Healer, Professional Life Skills Coach, and a 235-Hour Certified Registered Yoga Teacher, offering an intuitive & holistic approach to my one-on-one counselling sessions at The Shift Counselling Services, incorporating the body, mind, emotions, and spirit into my therapeutic interventions. “I believe that everything is energy, and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed, and this is the good news, meaning all humans have the potential to transform themselves.”

I am honoured and grateful to be offering my gifts of intuition and professional counselling skills to the community of Saskatoon and the surrounding area, as I myself grew up in northern rural Saskatchewan on a grain and livestock farm and was faced with many mental health challenges as a young male and was able to better manage these challenges throughout my healing journey of incorporating counselling, energy healing, meditation, yoga, and more! “You can’t rush your healing” by Trevor Hall If you’re interested in knowing more about the counselling work that I offer, please feel free to book a free 15-minute consultation to ask any questions or concerns you may have about how my approach may look, or if you feel called to work with me, you’re more than welcome to book online or text/email myself directly to book in, thank you, and I look forward to guiding you along your empowering and healing journey!

“Clients are met with a non-biased, compassionate, empathic heart helping guide them along their counselling journey.”

I have experience working with the following: Addictions, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Behavioural Issues, Depression, Existential Crisis, General Life Stressors, Guilt & Shame, Grief & Loss, Inner Child Work, Lack Of Purpose, Life Transitions, Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem/Confidence, Financial Stress, OCD, Overwhelmed, Trauma, Relationship Issues (Friends, Family, Marital, Partner, Etc.), Self-Sabotage, Spiritual Trauma, Spiritual Guidance, and Career Guidance.

Therapies Offered: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Energy Healing Therapy, Intuitive Guidance, Mindfulness Therapy, Motivational Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychoeducation, Somatic Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Favorite Song or Artist: "Be Free" by Sol Rising - I love this song, because it is what I seek in my own personal life, to be free, and let myself "be", rather than doing this life, just be this life. This song brings much wonder and space into my mind, emotions, and spirit, and that is where I feel most at home and as my true self :)

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Ryan Bilanski (he/him)


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About Ryan

Credentials: BA, BSW, MSW, RSW

Working with people to help find solutions during difficult times is something that has always captivated me and led me to become a therapist. I believe in asking for help when we are stuck, and that our life is an ecosystem; small (and big) changes can disrupt us and sometimes leave us feeling like we do not know what to do. This normal, however normal does not have to mean good, it means that it is common. What is not as common is asking for help.

I have over a decade of experience as a counsellor, from community and family outreach, care coordination, and medical social work, to individual (adult and youth), family, and group therapy. I am also a Qualified Mediator with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, and a student member of the Canadian Sports Psychology Association. Through this work, I have developed an approach that focuses on building resiliency and self-compassion.

I would say that my practice is focused on building, maintaining, and creating healthy relationships with individuals, families, and communities by using evidence-based approaches to therapy. I enjoy music, reading, journaling, being outdoors, running, gardening, and staying active but most of all spending time with my wife and two sons.

Areas of Focus or Specialties: Adult and Youth counselling, Sport and Athlete focused counselling, Self-Compassion, Resiliency Building, DBT, CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, ADHD, Relationships, Couples Therapy, Impulse control, Time Management, Goal setting & achieving.

Favorite Musician/Song:

I cannot pin down a favorite Musician or a Song because it changes from day to day. Right now, the song I keep going back to is Wasted by William Prince.

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Heidi Carl (she/her)

Business Lead & Associate

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About Heidi

Credentials: Certified Leadership Coach for Individuals and Groups

At her day job, Heidi is the Director of Operations for BGC Saskatoon. She has pursued leadership and wellness outside of her career because she believes it is an integral piece to finding one’s true purpose in a healthy and inspiring way. Heidi believes that leadership does not require a job title and can happen in any position, in any business or organization. Heidi knows that leadership skills and strengths cannot be practiced or developed without taking care of one’s well-being, they both go hand in hand.

Heidi has worked with the same organization for over 20 years. As she worked her way through the organization and helped to build a solid foundation for growth and development, it fueled her passion for leadership and wellness. Heidi has seen firsthand, the impact that investing in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health of people can have on all aspects of life and is committed to helping others realize their potential.

Heidi is a Certified Leadership Coach, has her Recreation and Leisure Management Diploma, and several courses pertaining to quality assurance, leadership, trauma-informed practice, wellness, etc. Working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment and leading staff towards fulfilling the organization's mission and vision has helped Heidi to develop her leadership skills, character strengths and ignite a passion in others to do the same.

In her career, Heidi has mentored many staff, researched, developed, and implemented, many strategies, programs, and systems, cultivated strategic thinking, and committed to a set of core competencies needed to fulfill her responsibilities. Heidi has several years of experience in facilitating courses, training trainers, developing curriculum, leading, guiding, and learning, which has given her the opportunity to strengthen and develop her skill set and walk alongside others during their journeys.

Favourite Band: I love country music, it is absolutely my favorite and I can’t pick a favourite song. I can say, though, that my favourite band is The Tragically Hip. I absolutely love the lyrics/poetry.

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Meagan Black (she/her)


About Meagan

Credentials: BSW, RSW

Meagan holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and is a Registered Social Worker with the SASW. She was raised on Treaty 6 Territory & The Homeland of the Metis Nation and still calls this home, alongside her partner and their two cats.

Meagan is a kind and gentle soul who cares deeply about the wellbeing of her clients. Her empathetic nature and sense of humor are often the first thing people notice about her. She feels her greatest asset as a counsellor is her lived experience relating to mental health and being a member of the 2SLGBTQ community. Through her lived experiences she can offer unique perspectives and insights.

Meagan believes that healing is best facilitated through genuine connection to one another, and as such she strives to provide a safe and affirming space for her clients in order to establish a strong therapeutic relationship. Meagan feels there is great power in being able to share your story and being heard and validated in doing so.

Meagan’s specialties and areas of focus are: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, inner-child work, self-harming, trauma, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, and 2SLGBTQ+ issues.

Meagan is accepting new clients ages 10+.

Favorite song & why:

One of Meagan’s long time favorite songs is “Rise by Rainer Maria” because of this specific lyric within the song, “for each inch cut, the root grows ten.” This lyric resonates for Meagan because for each hardship she has endured, her resiliency has grown deeper and stronger.

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Stefaun Tingley (he/him)


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About Stefaun

Credentials: B.A., B.S.W., R.S.W.

I was born and raised in Treaty 4 Territory. I was shaped and molded by the teachings of my grandparents from my mother’s side. I am a father, a breakdancer, and a fan of all things that contribute to mental wellness. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music of all kinds, taking photos of freight train graffiti, and chasing my son around the house. I do believe coffee deserves an honorable mention here as well!

Currently, I am a registered Social Worker and have over 9 years of experience working with children, youth, and families. I am also the Outreach Coordinator for a local non-profit known as B.G.C.S. (formerly known as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saskatoon). In my work, I strive to understand individuals and situations wholistically, while acknowledging that there is always more than meets the eye (yes, that is a Transformers reference!). I believe that as individuals we are all a direct result of the people, places, and situations that we (and our ancestors) have experienced.

I hold myself accountable to those that mean the most to me, my family, my friends, my partner, and our son. For them, I do my best to serve others in a good way, to walk through life with an anti-oppressive and decolonial perspective with the hope of leaving places better than I found them.

Areas of focus or specialties: Youth and adult counselling, Grief and loss, Trauma (PTSD, intergenerational trauma) , Depression and anxiety, Addictions, and substance dependency.

Favorite song or artist: One of my favorite songs is “Qu’Appelle Valley Saskatchewan” by Buffy Sainte-Marie. This song holds a special place in my heart because Buffy is singing about the same area of Saskatchewan that I had the privilege of growing up in, Qu’Appelle Valley. For me, this song is about being proud of who you are and where you come from, two things that I believe are vital to the human experience.

One of my favorite artists is Linkin Park. The thing I appreciate about Linkin Park is their ability as a band to create so much emotionally charged music. I thoroughly enjoy how Linkin Park’s music communicates the emotional complexity of the human condition, and that it is okay to be vulnerable in our expression of that condition.

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Celeste Lemieux (she/her)

Associate - Holistic Therapy

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About Celeste

Credentials: Holistic Mentor; Sexual Wellness Educator; Intuitive Guide & Energy Therapist

Owner, Positive Passions Boutique (2005), Life Balance Mentor & Practitioner (2008), Founder, Life Balance Development System (2014), Sexual Wellness Educator, Public Speaker

Celeste Lemieux is the proud owner of Positive Passions Boutique and Resource, where she has been joyfully promoting positive sexuality & healthy lifestyles since starting the business in 2005.

Through Positive Passions, she has shared the concepts of diversity, empowerment, wellness, consent, and sexual well-being and has been offering information and guidance in regard to sexuality, intimacy, relationships to self and others, and the common challenges in these areas for over 20 years.

In 2014, Celeste founded Life Balance Development System to support and mentor clients and students who were seeking intuitive guidance, development, and mentorship. Through this system of accountability, responsibility, self-awareness, and collaboration, Celeste offers Life Balance Intuitive Sessions as well as Practitioner and Mentor Development Programs.

Celeste’s background includes education and initiation in the areas of anatomy, physiology, human sexuality, psychology, sacred sexuality, and yoga, as well as energetic and traditional healing modalities. These areas of study and practice as well as her strong commitment to Trauma Informed principles have created openings for her to share this wisdom with thousands of people."She helps to empower people to make educated decisions about their own well-being." Celeste offers information, education, and intentional transformation through Life Balance Intuitive Energy Sessions, Personalized Mentorship Sessions, Intuitive Mentor & Leadership Development Certificate Programs, Couples Connection Relationship & Intimacy Development as well as Retreats, Intensives, Workshops, Ceremonies, Conferences, and Lectures.

Favourite Song: Everlong by Foo Fighters. “To me, Everlong is a poignant but bittersweet dance between appreciating the absolute beauty of a present moment with the promise of courage to continue, even if the beauty of the moment fades into another form.”